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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

E-cubed 789: to have a chip on your shoulder

Today's E-cubed:  to have a chip on your shoulder: tâm trạng tức giận, cay cú ai đó

You going to Chuck’s party?
It’s gonna be fun.
You still have a chip on your shoulder~
He’s not nice to me and he thinks he’s so great.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

E-cubed 776: Chance for/Chance to/Chance of

Today's E-cubed:  Chance for/Chance to/Chance of

A chance for/A chance of: khả năng xảy ra điều gì đó cao hay thấp
A chance to: cơ hội làm việc gì đó

What's the weather for tomorrow?
The chance for rain is really good.
That'll give me a chance to wear my boots! And you'll love them~
The chance of me loving them is NOT so good~~


Hello, everybody. Welcome back to E-cubed - Daily Easy English Expression. Thank you very much. You can watch this video and all of my youtube videos and listen to all of my podcasts on our website: letsmasterenglish.com. We even have a new search engine thing. It changes, you know. So we have to update it. But thanks to you guys. Thanks to my patreons, my sponsors. I have a great team who continue to work on it. Thank you very much, you guys.

Today's expression, whoo, very very good. A chance for something, a chance of something, a chance to do something. Uh huh. What's the difference? Chance for, chance of, basically the same. Chance to, different.

Now watch this expression. A chace for, a chance of. A chance for a rain to fall in the city. A chance of rain coming to the city. A chance of, a chance for, that's the idea. The expression is straight. No special emotion. A chance to, a chance to, a chance to meet my favorite English teacher. A chance to travel around the world. Chance to has emotion, not always but it's usually very happy. Yeah. And the idea of a chance to is an apportunity, an opportunity to do something, an opportunity to see something. Right now, you are taking, you are experiencing the chance to study English with me, an American, a very nice old American guy. I'm giving you the chance to study English for free. And hopefully, you're having fun. That's the idea of chance to. Chance of and chance for, this is likelihood (kha nang xay ra), probability. Okay. So the chance for rain tomorrow is 70%. The chance of rain tomorrow is 70%. We use the same sentence, for basically both. In some situations it might be different. But the point is chance of, chance for is probability, the percentage, the likelihood. Chance to is opportunity. Yay. I get, I receive the chance to meet you in real life. That's so wonderful. But the chances of Coach Shane not going are very high. The probability, the likelihood, the odds of Coach Shane not going to a live meeting are very high. OK. Let's check out a dialogue.

What's the weather for tomorrow?
The chance for rain is really good.
That'll give me a chance to wear my boots! And you'll love them~
The chance of me loving them is NOT so good~~

Once again talking about the weather, the chance for rain, the chance of rain is a great example. The chance, we can also say the chances. The chances of me liking your boots are very low. The chance of me liking your boots is very low. Both are fine. It doesn't matter. Be careful with the sentence, the context of the situation. What's important is this of and for are probability, percentage, ok. So just think about that of and for are probability. OK. Of and for are probability, percent, chances, okay. To is exciting, opportunity, yeah. Not one but two. Just think like that. Does that help? I hope so. So, tomorrow it's going to rain. Is that good. No, usually that's bad. But for this woman, it's really good because she has rain boots, and because of raining tomorrow, she has a chance to wear the rain boots. And everybody will say, oh my, your rain boots are so lovely. She believes, but the guys says no, no, no, no, I, I, I don't care about rain boots so the chance of me liking your rain boots is very very low. That chance is very low. The likelihood is not so good. The probability almost zero. Does it make sense? I hope so. This was a question and it's such a great question. Chances to, chances for, chances of. Chance of, chance for, chance to. Keep it like this, of and for, of and for, percent. To, opportunity. OPPORTUNITY opportunity. Listen to that dialogue three more times. Practice with a friend. Please find a friend to practice with. And I'll probably be back again tomorrow. Thanks a lot, everybody.