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Sunday, March 9, 2014

E-cubed 0010: I'm counting on you.

Daily Easy English Expression 0010: I’m counting on you.

I’m counting on you. = Tôi tin tưởng ở bạn.

Chú ý:
Khi nói nhanh, âm /n/ trong từ “counting” sẽ lược bỏ âm /t/.

Ví dụ:
A: Will you help me move this Sunday?
B: Sure.
A: I'm counting on you.
B: Don't worry! I'll be there.

A: Chủ nhật này anh sẽ đến giúp tôi chuyển nhà chứ?
B: Chắc chắn rồi.
A: Tôi tin tưởng ở anh đấy.
B: Đừng lo! Tôi sẽ tới.


Hey, everybody. Welcome back to E-cubed. I can do this. This is.. this is E + cubed. Yeah. E - cubed. I hope that's right. Yeah. E-cubed. Somebody asks, what is E-cubed? Easy English Expression, E E E, E E E, E-cubed, three Es. Yeah. I know my math is not that good, but understand e-cubed.

Today's E-cubed expression is a good one, I'm counting on you. I'm counting on you, I'm counting on you.

Now, what does "I'm counting on you" mean? It means I'm relying on you, I'm trusting on you, I'm believing you. You said you would do something, and I believe that you will. You promise me something, and I believe you, I'm counting on you.

Now, when we say it fast, let me talk about pronunciation. /aɪm/, no body, not many American say /aɪm/, we usually say ahm, ahm, ahm, so it is the short sound, ahm. Counting, in this case, the 'n' can cancel the 't', ahm kauning, kauning, I'm counting on you, and don't forget American pronunciation on, on you, on you, I'm counting on you. I'm counting on you. I'm counting on you.

Now, maybe you are studying English, and you are hoping that Coach Shane uploads a new expression every day. You believe in that, then you can say, "Shane, I'm counting on you. Coach Shane, I'm counting on you." And I can say, "Well, I believe that you will be visiting my channel, and you will tell your friends about my channels. And I'm counting on you. I'm counting on you. We need to help each other." Ok. Listen to the dialogue.

A: Will you help me move this Sunday?
B: Sure!
A: I'm counting on you~~
B: Don't worry! I'll be there~

Please never ask me to help you move. I hate moving. What does it mean? Moving in this case, moving from one house to another. You have to put everything in boxes, and carry the boxes.. Uh, aah.. I do not like moving, but if I move, would you help me? Yes, you would? I'm counting on you.