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Saturday, January 5, 2019

he had it coming to him

Today's E-cubed:  He had it coming to him

Hello, everybody. Welcome back to Daily Easy English Expression. Today's expression is very good: He had it coming to him.

- He had it coming to him.
- She had it coming to her.
- You had it coming to you.
- I had it coming to me.

So this is the situation: this summer, I was outside, it was sunny, it was hot. You know, just.. for me, terrible sweeting, working outside. I have a garden hose with water coming through. So I took the hose and I drank the water from the hose. Now the hose had been sitting on the ground. And the ground is not really that clean. We have chickens and you know, animals are everywhere. So It looks clean but actually you know it's the ground. So what happened? After drinking from the hose, a couple days later, I got a stomach virus and I was really in pain, very very sick. Well, I had it coming to me. I had it coming to me. I did something stupid. I did something wrong. I did something risky. I did something dangerous. And something bad happened to me. I drank water from a garden hose, usually it's no problem but it could be dangerous because of bacteria. Usually no problem but BOOM! I got the bacteria. Of course, I had it coming to me. By drinking out of the hose, by taking that risk, by being stupid, something bad happened to me. I had it coming to me. Check out the dialogue.

- Susan got fired!
- Good. She had it coming to her~
- Why? I thought she was a great person.
- No way! She’s always saying bad things about everyone. Even you!

Good. Yeah. Do you know those people? Yeah. If you have a friend who says bad things about other people. Almost always that friend when he or she's talking to other people says bad thing about you. Yeah, that's not good. Don't! Just stop! I mean sometimes we have to tell people when somebody does. But some people do it all the time. That's not good.

I had a friend. And he was a good guy, but he wasn't. He was married for about 4 months. And one night I saw him with another woman. I couldn't believe it. I'm like, "Dude, what's up?" And he said, "Don't say anything. Bye, bye." And he left. About a month later, they got divorced. He and his wife got divorced, and do you know what? He lost so much money. But hey, he had it coming to him. I agree you know whatever. Life is unfair and it's not good for the guy. But he was cheating. Maybe she did something. I don't know the situation. But, I do know that he did something wrong and something bad happened to him. He had it coming to him.

If you do something wrong, something dangerous, something risky, something stupid, something thoughtless, and then, something bad happens to you. Well, you had it coming to you. She had it coming to her. He had it coming to him. Mike had it coming to him. My son... no, no. That's today's expression. It's a good expression. You guys have a fantastic day. Get the free lessons: www.LetsMasterEnglish.com/FREE. Become a patreon: patreon.com/CoachShane. Join the classes! That's the best thing to do. Master English with me and my team. Have a fantastic day! See you next time. Bye bye.

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