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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Let's Master English Podcast #20

Hello, everybody. Today is Tuesday, and we have a brand new Lets Master English Podcast from Coach Shane. This week's podcast is really really interesting, so I'm into it. I will listen to it every day. How about you? Let's master English with Coach Shane!!!
Let's Master English Podcast No. 20 is about GLOBAL WARMING (sự nóng lên của trái đất). In this podcast we will listen to a news about greenhouse gases, a FACT from Country Shane, 4 great questions from listeners, and some other interesting things. I hope you will enjoy it.
To listen to the podcast, please visit this website:

NEWS - Global Warming will KILL us ALL
While most of America experienced its coldest winter in decades, a new UN report announces that global warming will destroy us all. "If we don't reduce greenhouse gases, risks will get out of hand", said one of the report's authors. "We're all sitting ducks", said another. But hidden in the report, the scientists do concede that weather prediction has many uncertainties.
Some new words for you:
a decade n. thập kỷ (10 năm)
decades = hàng thập kỷ (20, 30, 40, 50, 60 năm hoặc nhiều hơn)
UN report n. báo cáo của Liên Hợp Quốc
to annouce something = thông báo điều gì đó (to say something, to trumpet something)
destroy v. phá hủy, hủy diệt
reduce v. giảm bớt, giảm thiểu
greenhouse gases: khí nhà kính (CO2,...)
risk n. nguy cơ, rủi ro
to get out of hand = mất kiểm soát
authors n. tác giả
sitting ducks = đứng chờ làm nạn nhận, trong tình thế nguy hiểm
concede v. thừa nhận
weather prediction = dự đoán, dự báo về thời tiết
uncertainties = những điều không chắc chắn, không rõ

How're you doing everybody? This is Country Shane and I'm here to bring you the fact.
CO2, the global warming gas that everyone fears. CO2 levels in the atmosphere based on the last five hundred million years of earth's history are at their lowest level, at about 387 ppm that's parts per million. They've been as [??] as 7000 ppm. And over the last five hundred million years, the average CO2 levels are about 2800 ppm. So, 387 ppm ain't that bad.
This is been Country Shane bringing you the fact.
Q & A
In this podcast, Coach Shane will answer 4 questions from listeners. Those questions are great to learn. 
Question No.1: Hello, Shane. What do you think about the expression butt out, B-U-T-T O-U-T, butt out. Is it a rude or a gross expression? Is it a slang?
Question No.2: Hi, Coach Shane. What is the difference between dash and hyphen?
Question No.3: Why do you native English speakers feel so comfortable with using adjectives where adverbs are much better? For example, dig deep. But, grammatically I would say dig deeply. Another example, love me tender. I would say love me tenderly. Oh, it's good as usual. I would say it's good as usually.
Question No.4: I have a favorite song. I love this song so much. But it's difficult to understand. The song is sung by Lorde. And, its title is royals.
Let's listen to the podcast to know the answers and enjoy Coach Shane's performance singing the song "royals".
Have a good time listening to LME podcasts, everyone!