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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Ecubed 1172: chicken out

Today's E-cubed: c
hicken out ~ quyết định không làm gì đó vì quá sợ hãi, lo lắng, nhát gan.

Cùng luyện tập đoạn hội thoại sau:

- Where’s Mary? - She chickened out~ - What? She’s the reason we’re bunjee jumping! - I know~

- Mary đâu rồi?
- Cô ấy sợ quá không đi nữa.
- Gì cơ? Cô ấy là lý do chúng ta đi nhảy bunjee đấy!
- Tớ biết mà...


Hello, everybody. Welcome back to Daily Easy English Expression (Ecubed).Yeah, the video. OK so today, we have a phrasal verb. Everybody loves phrasal verbs. The phrasal verb? Yeah, it is "to chicken out". What? To chicken out.

To chicken out means you were going to do something, but then you said "No, it's too difficult. It's too scary. I'm afraid. I'm nervous. I don't want to..." This is the idea. To chicken out. So you have a chance to give a speech in front of many people. Yes, I will do it. But then before the speech, you say: "Oh no, I'm sick. I can't do it. Oh, I have to go on a business trip, I can't". You're afraid. You are chickening out. That's the idea. Check out the dialogue.

- Where’s Mary?
- She chickened out~
- What? She’s the reason we’re bunjee jumping!
- I know~

So Mary told these to guys: "Hey, let's go bunjee jumping." Do you know bunjee jumping. I did it once. I enjoyed it. But no more for me. It's scary. It's cool, but it's scary. Anyway, Mary told these guys "Let's go bunjee jumping." And they said: "Oh,..OK." And now they're ready to go bunjee jumping, but Mary chickend out. She didn't go. She didn't show up. What's the heck, Mary? What's the problem, Mary? Mary is a chicken. Oh, a chicken as a noun means a coward - somebody who's afraid. You are a chicken. It's not nice to say.

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