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Friday, January 10, 2014

to pan out

Hello, everybody. Long time no see. Well, I was busy. I'm still busy now so I did not write for quite long. How was your first 10 days of the year 2014? Are you doing ok? I hope so. Hopefully you will become successful, come to fruition with you new year's resolution. You will PAN OUT.

Hello Coach Shane from English Study and Share blog. We love your work. Happy New Year to you. We hope you will pan out. We hope you will be successful. Thank you!

Today's expression from Coach Shane is to pan out.
"to pan out" có nghĩa là đạt được thành quả, thành công.

Pan có nghĩa là cái chảo. Pan out có nghĩa là chảo bay? Không. Cụm động từ này bắt nguồn từ trong lịch sử của nước Mỹ, trong khoảng những thập niên 40, 50, 60 của thế kỷ XIX ở bang Califonia. Vào thời đó, rất nhiều người đã tới California để tìm vàng. Họ sử dụng công cụ giống như cái chảo rán nhưng không có tay cầm, múc nước ở suối lên cùng với rất nhiều cát, sau đó họ đãi nước với cát cho tới khi họ tìm thấy vàng trong đó. Nếu tìm được vàng, điều đó có nghĩa họ đã thành công. Họ đã "pan out".

Hãy cùng lắng nghe Coach Shane giải thích cụm động từ này nhé:

Hello, everybody. Welcome back to E-cubed. Today, we have another phrasal verb, to pan out. Pan, P-A-N. Now, in America, if we say pan we usually think of a frying pan. Well, you cook eggs or pancakes. Pan out, out, out, pan out, well, this is kind of a confusing phrasal verb. To pan out means to become successful, to find success. That's the idea. To come to fruition, it's an other idea. 

To pan out, this expression as far as I know goes way back in American history to the 1840s, 1850s, 1860s in California. And many people went to California looking for gold. And what they would do is they would take a pan like a frying pan with no handle, and they would scoop in the water with lots of sand, and they would shake out the sand. And if they found gold in the pan, they pan out. Their success, they successfully pan out gold, so they pan, they were digging in the stream, and they brought out gold. Pan out, they found gold. They were successful. Their dreams, their mission was accomplished. To pan out, it's a great phrasal verb. Let's check out a dialogue.

Did you get that car you were talking about?
No. It didn't pan out.
What happened?
The guy was asking too much.

No. He didn't pan out. My goal, my hope, my plan didn't come to fruition. I wasn't successful. It didn't pan out. This is a very good expression. And I want you to go to Google, and type in "pan out", two words and use quotations. Why use quotations? Because then Google will look specificly for the phrasal verb pan out. And then you can see many different examples, especially do a search on blogs and in the news section of Google. Ok? Skip the ESL sites. Look for real examples of "to pan out". When you're typing again, quotation pan out quotation, Google news, Google blogs, and you should find many great examples. That's today's expression. It's a phrasal verb. It's a tough one. But it's a really great verb. Take care, everybody.