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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

First World problems

“First World problems.”

First World problems

First World - Thế giới thứ nhất dùng để chỉ những nước phát triển như Mỹ, hầu hết các nước châu Âu, Nhật Bản, Hàn Quốc,...
Third World - Thế giới thứ ba dùng để chỉ những nước nghèo, kém phát triển. Khi nói về Thế giới thứ ba, chúng ta thường nghĩ ngay tới các nước nghèo đói ở châu Phi.
First World problems dùng để chỉ những vấn đề không thực sự nghiêm trọng mà người nào đó lại đang phàn nàn, kêu ca về nó. Họ không biết rằng họ đã may mắn hơn nhiều người khác khi họ gặp phải các vấn đề kiểu như thế. Ví dụ:
Look at this! My coffee's only 4/5ths full!
First world problems... 
Well, it's true! I paid for a full cup!
At least you have the luxury of buying gourmet coffee!
Hãy cùng lắng nghe Coach Shane giải thích nhé.

Hello, everybody. Welcome back to E-cubed. Today, we have another fun expression. First World problems. 

Well, we talk about the First World and the Third World, and the Second World sometimes. The First World would be the rich countries like America, most of Europe, Japan, Korea, China's now most into the First World, some parts yeah. Then the Third World countries would be the very poor countries and most of us think of many of the nations in Africa. 

So, the problems that they have in the Third World those are real problems. No roads, poor education oportunities, not many jobs, food quality, the water, fuel, electricity, those are really serious problems. And people who live in the First World, we have good electricity, good roads, good education, good food, good water. We don't have those problems. 

So, the term, the phrase "the First World problems" is the phrase shows how insensitive some body in the First World is to what a real problem is. 

So for example, I oder my coffee at Starbug. And I drink it. Oh, it's too hot. It burns my mouth. I'm gonna complain. It's terrible. Is that a serious problem? Well, if you think about the Third World, having hot coffee is the luxury. It's a First World problem. 

So when we use the word First World problems, when we use that phrase, it means it's not a very serious problem. We are actually lucky to have that type of a problem. Ok? So right now, I have two computers, and one of my computer is not working. Oh my god, it's not working. I can't use two computers. That is the First World problem. But, I'm not complaining so you don't have to criticize me. We use this expression to criticize somebody. "Stop being a baby. Quit complaining. Your life is good. That's the First World problem.